About Ink and me

In 2015, I started Ink as a student marketing group with my co-founder Annie. But soon, we realized that there was simply so much more we could do than what our environment limited us to. As Ink expanded, we took on projects from school organizations, charities, social enterprises, businesses, conferences, and so on. One of our major projects is the XiaoHuSai Tea project, where even today we continue to re-package tea from impoverished farmers in Southern China to properly tell their stories and achieve equitable prices. 

Today, the original Ink. team members have gone our separate ways, but I continue to expand my pursuits in design, focusing on civic change, clarity, convenience, and beauty. I am currently a student at Wellesley College. Most recently, I have been working as a UI/UX designer at the Civic Media Lab at MIT. 

Beyond design, I love being with my friends, learning about art history, thinking about China and Chinese food, dyeing my hair, and making semi-questionable fashion choices.